Nihao Commerce


NiHaoCommerce intends to become the leading e-commerce solution for business especially SMEs around the world to distributors/consumers in China.

Our Services


  • Business Strategy in Chna
  • Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Management:

  • Sourcing Agent Service
  • Supplier Surveillance/Monitor/Management Service
  • Order fulfillment Service
  • Logistics Outsourcing Management,


  • Customer Raletionship Management in China
  • Localization
  • Translation


  • Supply chain automation solutions up to 1 million transactions per day
  • System integration
  • Online store operation management


Start from 2008, we bring industrial-class technical solutions to clients in China. In 2008, because of the steady economic growth when Financial Crisis, China became a major economics power engine in the planet. Some well-known company found us and let us help them to expand e-business in China.

In 2011, we started the new services - NiHaoCommerce - based on our success experience.

NiHao is chinese for Hello / Bonjour.(see Wiktionary)

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